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How Choosing Love Has Me Vibing High

Vibing High, aka High Vibrations or High Vibes

Choosing to be in a state of mind that’s in tune with your souls highest purpose. Raising your vibration invokes a feeling of bliss and one-ness with the rest of the universe. It’s a daily practice that involves choosing love, trusting your intuition, living in peace, and focusing on positivity.

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We all have to start somewhere

I have been on a never ending quest my entire life, for as long as I can remember, to find happiness.

I began to associate happiness with life-purpose. All I had to do was become something great. Succeed at an ultimate goal, and then I would be happy.

Fast forward some turbulent high school years, self-sabotage and a series of unfortunate events that ended in me dropping out of college. I then got married, pregnant, quit my job to stay home with the first baby, then had another baby, gained a bunch of weight, started fighting with my husband, started fighting with friends and family.

I could not pull myself out from my depression. I had thoughts of ending my life. What was I good for, anyway? What was the point?

A light can’t shine without the darkness

Of course I wanted to be there for my kids, and my own thoughts were scary and cruel. I looked down at my daughter with an overwhelming feeling of love and wished so much for her in life.

I wanted so badly for my kids to be happy. I was afraid they would inherit this sadness and resentment that seemed to follow me like a shadow everywhere I went.

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What if one of them wanted to end their life? The thought of them going through the emotional turmoil I had been dealing with for years was horrifying.

As a mother, I had lost myself in the act of supporting everyone else’s needs and goals while neglecting my own. I decided to commit to making myself a priority again.

I still had no idea what my purpose was, past being a mother, but I began to understand that I couldn’t succeed in being a mother if I wasn’t happy.

Learning to love myself

Sometime around the holidays this past year, I remember reading a quote that went something like this: “would you say the things you are saying about yourself to your child?” Obvious answer was a big, fat NOPE.

So, I slowly began to re-train or “re-parent” my inner voice. It was a struggle at first and I still have days where I do better than others, but it slowly became a new habit to be kind to myself. I began to remember that at the core of my being, I am kind, courageous, empathetic, compassionate, brave, loyal, and creative. I am enough. I am loved.

Photo by Miguel Luis on Unsplash


Slowly I made changes that began to outwardly reflect my new found respect for my body, my thoughts and my emotions. I learned to love my body that performed the actual miracle of bringing life into this world (TWICE). These changes I made for myself snowballed into positive changes that affected everyone around me.

Here a few examples of positive changes that have taken place for me:

  • Depression went *poof*
  • Relationships have blossomed
  • My kids are happier
  • I enjoy my routines
  • See ya later, 30 POUNDS!
  • *bonus* I am inspiring others to make healthy changes too

I am consciously choosing to live life at my highest vibration and watching in amazement as the very things I always wanted literally manifest and fall right into my lap.

This blog will bring you through the highs and lows as I pursue living life with more joy. Finding little pieces of happiness in my every day and finding new ways we can all take care of our body, mind and spirit. Hopefully it will inspire someone else who needs to do this too. Welcome to those high vibes.


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