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I Upped My Water Intake and This Is What Happened


Human bodies are 60 % water, so naturally, we should aim to replenish the water in our bodies that we lose throughout the day to feel our best. Experts say that we should drink at least half of your body weight in fluid ounces of clean, pure water, every single day for optimum health.

I purchased a 100 oz water bottle recently to test this theory out and see if it had some truth to it and I noticed some very exciting changes!


There are so many benefits to upping your water intake – the first one being energy. I like to wake up and drink 16 ounces immediately before I workout. On the days that I don’t remember to do this, I feel more fatigued during my workout and don’t perform my best. I can’t lift as heavy, do as many reps and my stamina is totally off. Such a bummer! But when I do get that water in first thing, I power through a workout with enthusiasm. My motivation to get it done improves, and I don’t feel depleted when it’s over – I feel energized and ready to start the day.

Photo by MARK ADRIANE on Unsplash

Weight Loss

I was always told that drinking more water could lead to weight loss. I didn’t know until recently how much more I should be drinking. A few months ago, I was lucky if I got 8 oz in on any given day – running on a strict fuel mash-up of coffee and carbs.

Not only did my energy constantly crash, but also I was snacking all the time and eating way more than I should have been. As soon as I increased my water intake to a minimum of 90 oz every day, some pretty great things happened. The most notable was the scale began to move in the right direction! I feel way more satisfied for much longer between meals.

Brain Function

When I started drinking more water, I noticed many external changes:

  • Weight Loss, as mentioned above
  • Plump, pink lips (my husband asked if I had lipstick on!)
  • Glowing skin
  • ZERO zits

But I also noticed a lot of internal changes. Sure I had to pee more (but that was really only for the first few days.) The best changes happened to my BRAIN:

  • Improved focus
  • Happier moods
  • Headaches vanished
  • Fatigue/Foggy “mom brain” is gone
Photo by Pontus Ohlsson on Unsplash

Hangover Prevention

If nothing else convinces you that you should drink more water, please know that I have yet to have a hangover since increasing my water intake.

I never really drink often, so when I did used to drink a glass or two of wine after a full day of dehydrating myself, I would feel like death the next morning. This hasn’t happened to me once since I changed my water chugging habits.

So there you have it! I feel like I totally up-leveled in life by implementing a “water first” mentality.

How many glasses of water do you try to drink each day? Have you noticed any improvements correlated to drinking more water? Tell me in the comments – I wanna know!

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