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Earthing AKA Grounding: Healing or Hype?

A friend of mine suggested that I write about something called “earthing,” and that was literally the first time I heard anything on the topic.

I did a quick Google search, only to find out that earthing, aka grounding, is something I actually already do and have been doing for as long as I can remember.

Let me cut to the chase: I hate wearing shoes outside.

I know that sounds CRAZY, or maybe not so much to those of you who know me well, but I really do. I hate them. I don’t feel right walking on grass with shoes, so I like to kick them off when I am in my own yard.

It turns out, according to some pretty smart people, there is something to that and now suddenly I don’t feel so strange.

What is it?

Earthing, or grounding, is the art of walking barefoot to “reconnect the human body to the earth’s surface electrons,” This makes sense to me, because like any other living thing we need water, we need sunshine, we need fresh air so we must need earth.

And apparently, studies have shown that this can actually have healing benefits.

how earthing heals

  • Reduces chronic pain (As of today, there are 25 studies on grounding that specifically point towards pain reduction)
  • Improves sleep
  • Faster recovery for sore muscles
  • Boosts mood, which may be due to satisfying that primitive urge to reconnect with nature

I am not a scientist, hence why I linked that medical journals above, but I do know that connection to the earth in any aspect is one of the best holistic practices to implement in your everyday life.

We are part of nature – this big ol’ planet that we live on and all living things are all interconnected and it is our job to nurture ourselves in the same way we would nurture a plant in your garden.

Have you ever heard of earthing? Would you try it or is this something you already implement in your daily routine? Let me know in the comments!

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