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How to Manifest Your Dream Life

You can use manifestation to cultivate your dream life

It’s totally possible to manifest your dream life, even if you think you are at the end of your road (spoiler: you aren’t). Our lives are all a product of manifestation; a culmination of the curated energies we allow ourselves to give and receive day after day. The small choices we make minute after minute give us the end result, but to get there we need to be able to visualize a bigger picture.

I used to decide something was true and internalize it. However, I recently read somewhere that “rules” are a figment of our imagination.

As a firm believer in rules this stopped me in my tracks.

I like order, being able to make sense of things and knowing what might come next. But, something about the possibility that these rules are a human construct gave me hope. It took the pressure off that I thought I needed, and it opened the door for me to have an honest conversation with myself.


1. Figure out what you want

In order to figure out what we want, we need to get really introspective and figure out what we think is missing from our lives. Everyone has something to be grateful for. Sometimes, it might take a minute for us to pay attention and figure out what that is, but I assure you, it is there.

In my case, I have two beautiful children, a husband that loves and supports me and furbabies to snuggle with at night. We own our house and we can afford what we need to live comfortably. Why couldn’t I get out of bed in the morning?

I had all of these blessings, so to speak, but I couldn’t enjoy them. With a little digging, I was able to figure it out that I couldn’t manifest my dream life until I figured out what wasn’t working.

When I sat down and gave it some thought, I realized I was uncomfortable with my body, upset about my age and discouraged that I had no career to speak of anymore. I felt stifled and stressed out. I had no creative outlet and I had (and still have) a serious case of wanderlust which doesn’t ever want to go away.


2. Understand what rules you have created

I had to figure out what was holding me back. If I was 18 years old again and fresh out of high school, what would I want to do with my life? Going back to what we talked about earlier, I listed all of the limits, aka “rules” I had been placing on myself.

These are some of the rules I had made up in my head:

  • Stay-at-home moms are supposed to put everyone else’s needs ahead of their own
  • Carbs make people fat and weightlifting makes people bulky
  • Now that I am 30, I can’t venture on a new career path
  • I haven’t finished completed my college degree, so I can’t make more than minimum wage
  • As a wife and a mother, I can’t have nights away by myself
  • Vacationing with children is impossible, so I can kiss traveling good-bye

All of these rules I created (and there are many more I didn’t list) were basically telling me that I had reached a dead end. There was no way around my decided obstacles, and it is too late to reach my goals. Everything was at a full stop and would stay that way.


3. Throw the rules away

I gave myself permission to throw these rules away. At first, it felt like a rebellious act of defiance. Within no time, I felt like I was the younger version of myself again. The sky was the limit.

I finally asked myself, “why not me?” Is this just the life we were dealt? Or, could I be selling myself short and throwing the rest of my life away by clinging on to made-up rules?

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4. Make a plan

Now that we have figured out what we want and need, what our perceived rules are and thrown those rules away, it’s time to make a plan to manifest our dream life into reality.

In my case, I knew I wasn’t going to be happy without career prospects. I had felt disrespected in some areas of my life because I was a year shy of my college degree. I could do what everyone with a degree was doing, but I wanted more for myself and decided that I deserved to hold an official degree after the hard work I had poured into my education up until life got in the way. So, I decided to go back to school and finish my college degree.

It felt overwhelming and took some baby steps. I am not saying that I didn’t spend hours on the phone with student loan companies and potential schools trying to figure out how to afford it, but it all worked out in the end because I relentlessly chased after my goal like I was 18 again.

Small steps and tiny decisions can snowball into a larger plan, which turns into a manifestation. Start with just one thing you want to change and take the first step to make it happen. Then another, and another.

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It makes me smile to know that we can turn a bunch of rules and restrictions into a bunch of “why nots” and take our lives back. Ordinary people can do extraordinary things. We just have to throw away the rules to become limitless.

What are some rules you can throw away?

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